Small Invest Big Profit On Brick Making Machines

Clay Brick Machine Manufacturer
Clay Brick Machine Manufacturer

Do You Want To Start A Brick Making Business?

No Need to Worry! We are here to help you, Invest small amount and get more profit on your business. Committed to offer Brick Making Machine in India & China. High quality, Long Function Life and Affordable, these three are major key role for our machines.

Are you Beginner’s for Brick Making Business??? Follow our business plan and start your own business…!!! It is very crucial to have a extensive business plan which should build your key features on focusing marketing plan, financial plan, operations plan and staffing plan. Mainly, a business plan assists to analyze business objectives and describes about what you want to achieve to get a success for your business.

Before planning to start to a business, learn the financial management, marketing, sales and understands the balance sheet and more for business. Later, you need to purchase a Brick Making Machines for your business. Don’t Worry! Our experts suggest you while choose the brick making machines for your business.

Success – Is it Worth the Risk ?

brick-homeNature creates the basic material called clay, the weather and chemical reactions break up rocks and produces the fine grained earth called clay. Clay Bricksis useful when wet and that can be moulded to any shape. A brick can be made by wetting clay and pressing into a mould, which creates a blocks. These clay bricks are fired in a tunnel kiln until bricks become too hard.

Follow some basic steps: Process of Making Bricks

  • Gathering, squeezing, grinding, screening and mixing the raw materials produces the bricks.
  • Setting, Drying and Firing the Bricks
  • Packaging and  Summarize is the final process of making bricks.

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Difference Between Fly Ash Brick and Clay Bricks

Clay Brick Machine Manufacturer

Difference Between Fly Ash Brick and Clay Bricks

Clay Brick Fly Ash Brick
Heavy Weight Light Weight
As per Soil, varying the color Uniform pleasing color like cement
Plastering Requires No Plastering Required
Uneven shape as hand made Uniform shape and smooth finishing
Compressive strength- 35 kg/cm2 Compressive strength- 100 kg/cm2
Thermal Conductivity 1.25-1.35 w/m2 ºC Thermal Conductivity 0.90-1.05 w/m2 ºC, Water absorption 6-12%
More porous Less Porous


For manufacturing Fly Ash Bricks, we suggest the above following mixing ratio. Suppose if you facing low availability of Fly Ash Brick Making Machines, you can choose the more profitable mixing ratio to survive in the market and at the same time you should also maintain the quality based product.

Precisely, there are thousands of different bricks, but they can be broken down into a some of the basic types. The majority of bricks are made from clay and they are kiln fired. High quality, durable brick making machines with an attractive appearance for external use like, building, bridges and for commercial.

Here you can find cheapest brick making machines available in the market and those machines are highly automated and easy to maintain. Our experts assist you, while choosing the brick machines for your business.

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Brick Making Machine Suppliers in India & China

Brick Making Machine Suppliers
Brick Making Machine Suppliers


Wangda India is the best Brick Making Machine Suppliers in India & China, has launched to help brick production companies over the world. An advanced and automatic brick making machines that helps to the brick production industry and those are easy to use and more comfortable for the users. The Brick Machinery is capable holding manufacturing and supplying of quality based brick machines. These machines gives good performance in shape, size and most important thing is- it performs the task very quickly.

The brick machinery which offered by Wangda India does the proper moulding of highest raw material that too with very less water consumption. The brick making machine equipment’s availed from us is easy to use, easy to maintain, high strength and more effective. According to the client requirements, Brick Making Machine Suppliers can be customize machines and makes those machines are look and feel, you can run those machines continuously.

Here you can buy brick making machine at different sets of advanced brick machines of any type like clay bricks, hollow bricks, soil bricks, fly ash bricks, tunnel kiln and so on. Each brick machines by our Brick Making Machine Suppliers consists of around 60-70 different specifications.

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Clay Brick Machine Manufacturer in Bangalore, India | China

Brick Machine Equipment’s in India & China                              Brick Slitter

We are a manufacturer and supplier of Clay Brick Machines in Bangalore, India & China. We supplies wide rage of Brick Making Machines including Clay Brick Machines, Hollow Brick Machines, Fly Ash Brick Machines and So on. We committed to offer construction machines and our industrial experience and infrastructure facility has been able to provide you collection of brick making machines all over the world. We use standard quality equipment’s and and machines are highly demanded in global areas.

Features of Brick Machine Equipment’s:

  • Optimum performance
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Durable
  • Superb Quality

Technical Parameters:

  • Type: JZK70/60-4.0
  • Production Capacity(pcs/h): 18000-22000
  • Moisture Content: 16-18%
  • Reamer Diameter(mm): 700-600
  • Allowable Pressure(MPA): 4.0
  • Vacuum Degree(MPA): <-0.092
  • Motor Power(kw): Upper: Y6-75, Lower: Y6-250

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Fly Ash Brick Making Machine Suppliers in India

Hammer Crusher

We are specializing in manufacturing of Fly Ash Brick Making Machine Suppliers in India & China. The machines are specially designed our experts within the promised and all our machines you can get at affordable prices.

Expand Your Business Production Capabilities to increase your business profit

Wangda is a world largest manufacturer and supplier of brick machines. We design and customize your machines as per your requirements. With state of the art clay brick machines, hollow brick machines, fly ash brick machines are able to meet all of your needs. We carry a complete line brick production line that designed to complete production needs.

Whether you need the reliable and highest quality machines with long functional life or low cost production machines for your projects, Wangda India has the best solution. Our engineers and development team are always here to assist you with new advanced brick machines, those changes to current equipment’s for any business.

Here you find brick machines as well as brick machine equipment’s including sintered brick machine, shale brick machine, roller screen, jaw crusher, hammer crusher and so on. Fly Ash Brick Machines are classified in main categories such as:

  1. Rotary Fly Ash Brick Machines
  2. Automatic Fly Ash Brick Machine
  3. Fully Automatic Fly Ash Concrete Block Making Machine.

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Automatic Clay Brick Making Machine Manufacturers in India

Clay Brick Making Machines in India & China

Have you tried Wangda Brick Machines for your business??

Wangda India is the best and No.1 industry standard machinery manufacturers of Clay Brick Making Machines in India & China. Every aspects of brick machines are chosen by professional manufacturer of brick making machines from various trendy brands. Each of our products are more reliable and gives long functional life.

Have you tried Wangda Brick Machinery Products?? If No, why can’t you try Wangda Products for your business. This is the right time to choose machines that you can buy at affordable prices. Clay Brick machines are made up of best quality material that you can make use for your business(construction, industry and bridges).  Here you can get customized brick machines according to your requirement for your project. So that, you need not employ special operation team for these type of machines. Automatic Clay Brick Machines are easy-to-use and that can be managed by few workers. So try our Clay Brick Machines to improve your business well.


Fly Ash Brick Making Machines Manufacturers and Suppliers

          Fly Ash Brick Making Machines                                             Fly Ash Bricks

Cost Effective, Various Models and Quality Solutions!

Wangda India is topmost Fly Ash Brick Making Machines Manufacturers and Suppliers in India & China. We are engaged in offering a large amount of Fly Ash Brick Machines, Hollow Machines and Tunnel Kiln in India. These Brick Machines are widely appreciated in the today’s market for its quality , models, durability and efficiency.

Automatic Fly Ash Brick Machines are fabricated with finest grade metals and procured from reliable vendors. So that, our high quality Automatic Fly Ash Machines consumes less power and works efficiently. We offers Brick Machines at industry competitive price range. Here you can find wide collection of Brick Making Machinery with different sizes and those machines are more suitable for your business. With the help of professional industry experts, we manufacture and supplies all types of machines.

Salient Features of Fly Ash Brick Making Machines:

  • Consumes low power
  • Long Functional Life
  • High Quality Control and Strength
  • Excellent Finishing Machine
  • Non Corrosive Body
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy-to-use and maintain
  • Available in different sizes with different models

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